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The Making of:
Do Butterflies Play Tag?


Greg Grote has been an educator for 30 years. Over his career, Greg’s main focus has always been to encourage students to wonder about their world.

Mike Weissmann is a world-renowned entomologist (bug guy) who cofounded the Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center in Colorado.

About 5 years ago, Greg and Mike were discussing the idea of writing a children’s book. As they brainstormed some topics, given their backgrounds and playful natures, a topic emerged—insects playing kids' games Their goal was to teach kids to read and wonder. They also wanted to reach the youngest of readers. They came upon this idea:

I wonder…do butterflies play tag?

They considered a few things:

  • They wanted their insects to reflect what kids would say when they played.

  • Because of their playful nature, they wanted to have a character that wasn’t interested playing the games.

  • They wanted the book to be fun and educational. 

    • They put fantasy and fact into one book!

For many years the story remained dormant until the stars aligned!
Greg met Bob Campagna, an artist out of Loveland. Bob had published some books and Greg reached out for advice on the process. Bob was incredibly helpful. The first thing he did was to introduce Greg to Dion Weichers, another artist from Loveland. Greg and Mike have no artistic talent, but they had a vision. Dion is an amazing artist and his art work matched Greg and Mike’s vision. 

The final catalyst to making, Do Butterflies Play Tag, a reality was the news that Greg was going to become a grandpa! 
We hope you enjoy!

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